May, 21 2012

Well it’s been another year. I just finished another season of L.A. ink. After walking out on the show last season. (which was unscripted, by the way)

Due to contractual obligations I found myself working over at American Electric tattooing with English Craig for the beginning of season 4. I actually had some fun over there. And now I’m waiting to begin shooting the end of season 4. It’s definitely been a strange ride. But as they say, “That’s Hollywood”.

Some of the highlights were sitting in on the drums with the band FACE TO FACE a couple of times and designing the artwork for their new album “ LAUGH NOW LAUGH LATER” coming out in 2011… They are a great band and really cool guys. It was great to show some of my roots in music and inspire each other in this project. The artwork came out great and I am very proud to be part of it. You can see some of it at

I also did a couple of new drum skins for REMO again and they should be out this coming year as well. And I’ve been busy jamming with my band POWERFLEX 5.

Aside from that I have just enjoyed being home in between tattooing on the show, Working on some new and old clients doing some great tattoos. And we had a couple of great art shows at the TIMELESS ART GALLERY and hopefully will have more coming soon. . .

We are coming up on fourteen years here, and I am happy to say I’ve got one of the best crews around. They have held it down herewhile I’ve been filming and I couldn’t do it without them. . .

I got to admit that I’ve neglected my website again, But what can I say? I’ve been busy. But I do plan on spending more time here at my shop SIX FEET UNDER and putting some more time aside for the webs

Thanx for stopping by..Corey Miller

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